Why are grandchildren so important to grandparents?

We know how many benefits a grandfather brings to his grandson. He gives her his unconditional love, his experience, his time ... But, do you know why grandparents need their grandchildren too? Find out what grandchildren bring to grandparents and what makes this relationship so special.

1. They lengthen your life. Grandchildren make grandparents active again. Suddenly his life takes on meaning. They need you! Older people who were down, revive with the birth of a grandchild. Older people with grandchildren live longer, and according to the latest studies, improve their quality of life and can even prevent the onset of senile dementia.

2. Decrease depressions. According to the latest studies by Institute on Aging at Boston University, older people with grandchildren are far less likely to fall into depression. Grandchildren bring joy and vitality and increase the psychological well-being of their grandparents.

3. More contact with social changes. Grandparents need to understand their grandchildren. That makes them more interested in new technologies, changes that occur in society ... Grandparents open their minds and abandon part of their past. The grandchildren make them understand the present they live.

4. They feel useful. The family needs you. Parents, often stressed with the work and family burden, often delegate the care of their children to them. Many families can reconcile work and family life thanks to their grandparents. In addition, they often act as a referee in situations of disagreement within the family.

5. They feel more loved. Nothing like the selfless love of grandchildren. Grandparents feel loved and this gives them strength to improve their physical and psychological health. Without a doubt, grandchildren are the best medicine for the health of grandparents.

6. They feed your self-esteem. Grandparents are fantastic transmitters of experiences and knowledge. Grandchildren enjoy listening to their 'adventures' and grandparents feel important. Their self-esteem improves thanks to these 'little' great students.

7. They feel complicit. Grandchildren do things they could never do with their parents. Grandparents are more permissive and also complicit in the 'antics' of their grandchildren. This nurtures and strengthens a unique relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Grandparents are not parents to your grandchildren. Grandparents are grandparents.

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