Questionnaire to know how your children see you

Questionnaire to know how your children see you

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You think you know everything about your son. Also that you know what you represent to him ... and how he sees you. But sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Maybe you don't know everything.

We propose you take this test to your child. It's fun, a game for them, and valuable information for you. There are 20 questions that will improve communication between the two by the way.

It's simple. You ask and your child answers. Then he can ask you the questions and both of you will get some valuable information that will improve your bond. Are you ready?

1. What makes me happy?

2. Tell me a phrase that I repeat a lot

3. How old am I?

4. Do you know how tall I am?

5. What is my favorite color?

6. What about my favorite food?

7. A food that I don't like very much

8. What do I like to do the most?

9. Where would I like to be?

10. What do I do when you are not at home?

11. What am I good at doing?

12. Something that I am a little wrong to do

13. Do you know what I do at work?

14. What do you like to do with me the most?

15. What do I love the most?

16. Do you know what my favorite movie or television series is?

17. Something that I don't like doing at all

18. How are we alike?

19. What super power would I like to have?

20. Give me an adjective that defines me ...

Evidently, can you change any of these questions and adapt them to the age of your child. They will all be very useful to get to know each other more.

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