Headband with rabbit ears. Carnival Crafts

Crafts are a very fun activity for children. With them they can create personalized objects for special occasions such as Carnival. If you want to dress up your child as a bunny, here we show you how to make felt ears.

With simple materials you can make a very beautiful and original costume. Make this bunny ears craft and complete it with a fantasy makeup and white clothes to make it the center of all the Carnival parties.

  • White felt
  • Flower fabric
  • Wire
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Plastic headband

1. Cut out the ear template. You can download the template from HERE.

2. Place the template on white felt and mark an ear. Turn the template on its base, as if it were the reflection of a mirror, and mark another silhouette that is attached to the first one at the bottom. This way it can be glued on itself. Repeat with the other ear.

3. Cut a piece of wire and wrap some around the headband, as tightly as possible. Cut off the excess end. Leave the wire up, with a slight bend (like that of the felt ear). Bend the top of the wire.

4. Smear the edges of the felt ear with glue. Place the headband so that it is in the center (between the two silhouettes joined at the base) and that the wire is on one of the sides. Bend your ear and press to close it.

5. Cut out the inside of the ears from the paper template. Place it on a fabric with the pattern that you like the most and cut them out.

6. Glue the back of the fabric and stick it in the center of the ears. You already have your costume!

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