How to fix the harm done to children by yelling at them

Have you ever yelled at your children? If you have never done it, you can stop reading and become part of the select group of almost perfect parents. If you are part of the other 99% of parents who, at some point, lose their patience with children and yell at them, and even say some nasty things to them, read on.

There is one thing we can do to compensate for the emotional damage we do to them with yelling and hurtful phrases. We are on time, we can repair that damage.

Uncontrolled anger, little patience, stress or fatigue sometimes make parents pay for our problems with their children, that we face our day to day with anger and that we end up yelling and saying phrases to our children that damage their self-esteem. But, as the experts say, to educate, it is not necessary to shout.

However, on a day-to-day basis we can make mistakes, we are human and we learn every day to be better parents, therefore, if you have made the mistake of yelling at your children or saying inappropriate things to them, you should:

- Admit the blame: Examine your conscience and admit that at some point you were not fair to your child, you punished him disproportionately, or you lost your patience with him. Admit that words can hurt your children, and yelling can too.

- Apologize: Shouldn't parents ask for forgiveness because we are parents? A serious mistake. If you make a mistake and yell at your child at a bad time, think back and come over to apologize.

- Talk to your child: Perhaps after an anger he does not want to listen to you, but wait for the right moment, let him tell you how he felt when you yelled at him or when you said that wrong phrase. Explain why you did it, that it was in a moment of anger, not because you really think that he is.

- Be concrete: When you talk to your son and apologize for something, tell him exactly why it was, in this way, you will be teaching him that this behavior was wrong and you will educate him so that he does not make those mistakes.

- Work day to day: Do not let months or years pass before asking your children to forgive you for a bad time, the emotional damage will be greater.

- Ask for help: If you think that in your day-to-day with children you cannot control your anger or your patience, find a way to achieve that tranquility and serenity that you need to face the education of your children, whether doing sports, meditation or with a psychologist.

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