Games to teach your baby to talk

The baby, from before birth, is already capable of perceiving sounds, especially the voice of its mother. After birth, everything is progress in this aspect; in just a few months he will be able to understand you, and in a year he will begin to say his first words.

You should not have a passive attitude towards their evolution, since the help of parents, the environment that surrounds the child and a early stimulation, they will push the child to develop language correctly.

In We leave you some games that you can play with your child to give him a boost and become attracted to language.

During the first months of life the baby will recognize you by your voice, you must speak to him gently since the tone will be what most attracts his attention. From 4 months, you can play with him to look for you every time you call him, making different sounds for him to imitate, and repeating his chirps, leaving him time to answer and imitate a dialogue.

Little by little, during the first year, you can introduce different elements such as picture books, where you must explain what you see, sing songs with gestures that you must imitate, name things and imitate animal sounds.

This is a crucial moment because that will be when the first words begin to sputter. During this time is when you should talk to him the most and stimulate him.

1- Teach him different sounds and what they are: the doorbell, the sound of the telephone or that of an animal, and accompany it with the name of the corresponding word.

2- The game of the house in the face: A very funny game is to tell him that his face is a little house, in which the eyes are windows, the nose the bell, the mouth the door and the tongue a friend who is inside it. In this game you must train the movements of the face, asking him to ring the bell, open the door and let his friend go for a walk.

3- Play to blow up balloons and blow out candles: This will help you learn to control the breathing required for speech.

4- Put music with lyrics: Try to teach him songs and pretend that you play the different instruments when they sound, introducing the corresponding onomatopoeia.

This is the time to expand your vocabulary and build more complicated sentences. Although we must adapt the language to his age, taking care of the vocabulary, we must not speak to him as if he did not understand things, or in a too childish way.

5- Read stories to him: Especially with illustrations and ask him to tell you what he sees.

6- Ride a train of words: Start with the phrase "I carry a wagon of ..." and add the words you want: fruit, animals, colors, etc.

7- Play I see I see: Pick an object that is in plain sight and start hinting.

8- Maintain dialogues: It is important that you give him time so that he can answer, it may be about a game that he is doing at that moment.

It is important that the child wants to communicate with his parents since he will be the engine of language development. When a child does not get a response, their desire to communicate decreases, which will have problems when speaking and therefore influence their thinking in the long run.

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