How television influences children

Television has become one of the most important hobbies and most influential in the lives of children. Children store all kinds of information they receive, be it from school, from their parents, from a story ... and, of course, from television. For that reason, the habit of watching television every day is causing great concern on the part of many parents about the quality of the content that is being assimilated by their children, as well as about what position they should have in front of their children in as for the habit of watching television.

Television is an effective source for the formation of attitudes, the acquisition of skills and the formation of the child's behavior. It is a means of socialization. Children watch television to distract themselves, reduce stress, and obtain information. Also, there are children who watch television because from an early age it was imposed on them and they have no other choice.

Watching television is one of the favorite activities of children. The time they spend watching television varies according to age, sex, social class and is directly related to the time their parents spend watching television. Therefore, parents should be an example. It is not fair to attribute the information and entertainment that children receive to a single broadcast medium.

When the habit of watching television is deeply ingrained in the home environment, children tend to adopt the same attitude by imitation and identification. In many homes, television plays the role of companion, a kind of 'babysitter' for children. Prevent children from running around the house and fighting, but as a counterpart, take time away from studying, reading, sports and games.

You have to be attentive to the habit of watching children's television. It is necessary to know more deeply and particularly its terrain, to prevent our children from acquiring aggressive, erroneous behaviors, learned by imitation. It cannot be forgotten that our little ones are beginning their training and that everything they see, hear and experience will influence their development.

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