How to draw a child. Classic poem we show you one classic poetry by Gloria Fuertes So that you cheer up and read them with your children at some free time or before the little ones go to sleep, since reading in bed relaxed is the best time to assimilate reading. Is named How to draw a child.

A good way to encourage children's reading among children is to start with short children's poems. In this way, reading and comprehension will be much easier for the child. without having that feeling of boredom they can experiment with another type of reading.

To draw a child you have to do it with love.

Paint a lot of bangs,

that is eating a waffle;

many freckles on the face let it be noted that he is a rogue;

Let's continue the drawing: round cheese face.

Since he is a fashionable boy, he drinks syrup with soda.

He wears jeans with a beautiful hole;

American T-shirt and a corduroy beanie.

Football boots, because kicking is an artist.

Laughs continuously, because He is very intelligent.

Under the arm a story that is why he is so happy.

To draw a child you have to do it with love.

Author: Gloria Fuertes

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