Chronic acquired dissatisfaction from parents

A few days ago I finished reading one of the many books about a disastrous time for humanity such as the Second World War. The book entitled "The girl who watched the trains leave" and written by Ruperto Long refers to the story of Charlotte, a Belgian Jewish girl who together with her family managed to survive the horrors of the Holocaust, staying hidden for four years in horrifying succuchos and even the garbage cans. She literally spent months with her brother hiding in a closet to which they only brought a little water and food once a day.

I thought then how blessed are we who can worry that our children don't eat enough vegetables, or they have problems with a school subject, or they do not do all the sports we would like or they spend hours in front of the computer or tablets.

Each generation has to deal with different problems, but those of us who live in free countries, in heated homes, do not suffer from food shortages and we can enjoy the advances of medicine to prevent diseases or recover from those that appear, we must maintain a smile from ear to ear.

That we worry who our children's friends are, that the teachers send too many homework, or that we do not have all the time we would like to share with the children, in all, it is a very minor evil. It is true that there are always situations worse than ours and that if we dedicate ourselves to comparing we will find both worse and better. But also we must relativize those events that sometimes distress us knowing that real problems are those that the families of Syria continue to suffer, who unwittingly have to endure an atrocious war, or of countries like Nigeria where groups like Boko Haram kidnap girls to turn them into living bombs.

Therefore, as I once heard Dr. Julio Decaro say in a conference: SIf your only problem is “chronic acquired dissatisfaction”, you are in time to change. According to him, chronic acquired dissatisfaction suffers from people who, without having a bad or serious condition, have the art of having a bad time. And ironically he added that those who suffer the most serious state of this disease are those who do not know what they want, but they kill themselves to get it.

That is why my proposal is that tomorrow, when you get up, take a deep breath, Thank you for the good things that life gave you, and start making a plan to take care of those you want to change. Knowing that neither worrying nor worrying is the way and that you have more than favorable conditions to educate your children with joy and satisfaction.

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