The 17 month old baby. Baby development month by month

The unsafe and unstable way of walking that your baby had a few months ago, has given way to safety and firmness. In addition, she loves to test her little legs and runs from one side to the other, although still in a somewhat stiff way.

You will notice that your baby has his own temperament and character and it shows itself at times, when the dreaded tantrums and tantrums appear.

Your baby is already able to climb stairs without crawling, although he still needs the hand of an adult to avoid a fall. He loves jogging and running, although they don't have a very honed technique yet.

He loves to play and has fun testing his ability with stacking, building or tower toys, plus it's a perfect way to hone his fine motor skills. You can see how he has a preference for taking things with one hand over the other.

Because the 17-month-old baby controls his movements better, he tends to be more independent. It is therefore important to exercise caution both at home and in the park and keep out of their reach anything that could be dangerous.

Your child's vocabulary grows week by week, he already knows about 10 words and can form simple two-word sentences. He understands simple commands and if you ask him, he can point to his body parts.

Singing songs or reading stories is a great way to stimulate your language. However, you have to be very careful with the words that are said in front of the baby because they are aware of everything.

The baby of almost a year and a half eats almost all foods. However, nuts should not be introduced into the diet yet because they can cause allergies. It is also not convenient to offer them treats.

The 17-month-old baby's feeding must consist of 5 meals: breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, snack and dinner. You have to have all the food groups and you must still drink at least 500 ml of milk a day.

To stimulate the baby's language, you can point to animals or objects and try to get the baby to say the name. Carrying out small psychomotor circuits at home with cushions or chairs to go over or under them will help them better coordinate their movements.

Singing and dancing is a fun activity with which they also learn both language and control their own body.

When talking with the child, always repeat the words 'please' and 'thank you' so that they internalize them and learn to ask for things correctly and to be grateful for them.

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