Talk to the baby during pregnancy

Without a doubt, we are in the era of communication. A communication that begins even before babies come into the world. Parents no longer wait for their child to be born to talk to him. They do it when their child is still in the mother's gut.

Communication is a factor that can strengthen the relationship between parents and baby, even during pregnancy. Who has tried this experience says that the baby responds to all the stimulation, sounds and information that come from the outside, good or bad.

The blood that nourishes the baby while it is in its mother's womb, not only brings, through the umbilical cord, vitamins and everything that the baby needs to grow and form properly. It can also bring harmful substances that come from alcohol, tobacco, drugs, fats, etc., and deficiencies.

On the other hand, this blood also brings some substances from the mother's state of mind. Situations of stress, insecurity, fear, as well as joy and tranquility, can directly affect the immune system of the mother and consequently of her baby. Babies are beings that also have feelings and sensations. They learn before they are born.

Talking to the baby from its mother's womb is a enriching experience for all. The pathways can be endless, and each parent has their own language or way of communicating with their baby.

Some parents choose a time each day to talk to the baby about how happy they are to have it, to tell him about things that happen outside the mother's belly, to sing a lullaby or tell a story, or play warm music to stimulate his hearing and sensitivity. The best time to communicate with the baby is the time when it can be done calmly, without haste.

Despite his very young age, the baby listens and, over time, is able to identify voices and other sounds. According to specialists, talking with the baby is beneficial because:

  • Makes the pregnancy go smoothly
  • Parents to reassure the baby when he is moving a lot or when he is not sleepy
  • Strengthens the bond between parents and child
  • Creates a communication channel between the baby and his parents and siblings, from the moment he is in his mother's womb
  • The baby will learn to recognize every voice that comes from outside; that of his mother, his parents, brothers ...

When talking to your baby it is important to get as close to the mother's belly as possible. that they communicate in a leisurely way, with great clarity and tranquility. Think that your voice is the only thing that can still get to your baby, it is for now the only way of stimulation. Soon you will be able to see it, take it in your arms, touch it, caress it and give it much more than a simple and rich sound.

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