Most popular games in Brazil for children

The game It's universal. Playing is learned in any place or language. Children's games are ideal tools not only to awaken imagination and fantasy, but also to stimulate children's abilities and skills, and improve their communication with others.

Brazil is the scene of a series of traditional games for children, both indoors and outdoors. Like most countries in the world, the best-known games for children are quite simple and do not require any type of equipment or special training for participation, and usually coincide with the games that are played in other countries such as the hiding place, the pilla-pilla, among others.

In Brazil, children usually play the same games that children from other countries do, with the difference that there are games that come from the country's folkloric and cultural tradition.

The hiding place or hiding place. Play hide and seek with the children. Hide and seek is a universal game that children of all generations and around the world have had unforgettable moments with. Also known as hiding, hiding, hiding or hiding.

Hopscotch or amarelinha. The game of Hopscotch, also known as truque, wrestling, the square, the Chilean or the kite, is a very fun activity that boys and girls play.

Pilla-catch or Paste-paste. Pilla-pilla or tula. Traditional and popular children's games. How to play tag or chase children. Pilla-pilla is a simple game with very few rules.

The peteca. Play peteca. The peteca, game for children from Brazil. What is the origin and how is peteca played among children. How to play peteca as a sport or as a simple game. The rules of the peteca.

Cinco Marías. Cinco Marías, a traditional children's game for children's free time. Classic hobbies. Children's free time. Traditional Brazilian games. Tabas game.

Blind chicken or Goat-blind. Blind chicken, a traditional game for children's free time. The most popular children's hobbies. Traditional games to teach children. How to play blind man's buff.

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