Fantasy flower with balloons. Balloon twisting crafts

On our site we present you this beautiful, simple and super charming idea of ​​how to make a flower with balloons. A great way to decorate children's parties, birthdays, gardens or the children's room.

It is even a very original gift for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Father's Day. Learn to make a flower, step by step, using just 2 balloons, do you dare?

1: Inflate one of the balloons leaving about two fingers uninflated.

2: Join the ends (the roller with the drip of the balloon). Section them in half.

3: Divide them into three equal parts and in each division perform a twist.

4: Take the center of all the twists join them and twist them.

5: Order the flower petals.

6: Inflate the other balloon leaving about four or six fingers uninflated, bring a little air to the tip of the balloon (drip).

7: Make an S, take it in the center and turn it to get the flower leaves.

Video: How to make flower pot with balloon and plaster. Pot decoration (August 2021).