How to teach the child to make outlines

A scheme is an ordered exposition of the essential points of a subject that are related to lines, numbers or other graphic signs to indicate their interdependence.

Children are overwhelmed when they see lessons with long texts, therefore, the diagrams are very useful and are of great help when studying.

Schemas allow us organize and synthesize main ideas and, relate them to secondary ideas, in such a way that they facilitate a quick understanding with less effort, therefore, they simplify our work and "force" us to find the logic of the text. In addition, the good thing about the diagrams is that they allow us at a single glance, visual memory, to see the relevant ideas of the text and their relationship, so that we will quickly get a clear idea of ​​the whole and, we will immediately learn to get to the point of the message that you want to transmit to us.

1. To achieve a good outlineit is essential to do an initial reading to know what the text is about, but without underlining, just trying to understand the content of the message. If necessary, a second reading can be done before starting to underline until we are clear about the main ideas and have worked the text well. We must do it on a large sheet, with enough space to make a clear and clean outline and better with our own words so that it is easier to retain and assimilate the content. The title of the topic should clearly indicate the central content of the topic. The subtitle should be short and the idea is to complete the main idea.

2. To make an outline it is essential to understand the text well, knowing how to underline the main ideas and discover the key words, and for this, it is very important to have the habit of reading to acquire spelling. If children are used to making outlines of the lessons they will learn to develop their ability to synthesize reading and will have a clear vision of the whole, so it will be easier for them to understand the content they have to study.

3. Outlines are a combination of bold words and signs. We can make them with arrows, keys, boxes, with different colors and types of letters, in order to make us understand the text better, therefore, we will choose the one that best suits each of us. It is convenient to get used to always using the same colors, for example, to make the different "levels" of ideas (relevant and secondary), because this way, it will be much easier for us to understand the message with a single glance.

If children learn to underline the words that make sense, it will be much easier for them to carry the lesson learned, because if they manage to make a good outline with it, they will be able to study and it will be enough for them.

To finish I leave you a phrase by William James (1842-1910): "The art of wisdom consists in knowing what to ignore."

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