University with a kindergarten!

The University of Opole paves the way. As the first in the country will have a kindergarten. Children and students will be allowed in the facility. Pedagogy students will look after the children.

The kindergarten is to be called the Children's Laboratory University. The initiative to create it came from students. who decided in this way to support the development of the university itself, the entire city and even the province. The first talks with the city authorities suggest that the plan will come to fruition. An agreement has been signed in this matter.

The kindergarten is to be available for children from the age of two to the age of five. Each of the groups will be made up of twenty children. Educators want to focus on individual work with children. Payment for classes is to be shaped like in any other kindergarten.

The authors of the idea are far from creating a storage room for children. Their ambitions go far further. There are plans to run a facility that meets the needs of parents and children, refined in every respect.