From 0 to 10, what grade would your child give you as a father or mother?

Mothers, fathers ... please open your eyes! and be present in the lives of your children. A few days ago, I received in my email a text, by an unknown author, which has caught my attention. Its titled 'Father and mother, wake up while there's time'. I thought it was very important that all parents can do it, that's why I post it here.

'It was 8 in the morning on a Wednesday when I arrived at my son's school. The note I received from his teacher left no doubt: 'Don't forget to come to the meeting tomorrow. It is mandatory. ' And I thought: who does that teacher think she is? Does she think I can have as much time as she wants? If she knew how important the meeting I had today at 8:30 in the morning was, in which I would close a negotiation, and that I had to cancel it ...

But, come on, there we were fathers, mothers, and the teacher.

The meeting started on time, the teacher thanked us for our presence and began to speak. I don't remember what she said, I only had thoughts about my work and what I was going to win. And suddenly I heard in the distance:

- Juan Rodriguez! Isn't Juan's father there?

- Yes, yes, here I am!

I answered and went to receive my son's school newsletter.

I sat back down and thought: Was that what I came for? My son could have brought the newsletter home.

But hey, since I had the newsletter in hand, I decided to keep an eye on it. The newsletter was full of six and seven. I closed it quickly, so that no one could see my son's notes, and I went home.

As I got home, my disgust increased, and I wondered:

- But how does Juan get those notes if he lacks nothing, if we give everything to him? Very angry, I went home and yelled for Juan to come.

He was in his room and he came running to hug me. Happy, he said: Dad!

I, very upset, pushed him away and gave him a scolding, I told him that he was worthless, that he was a disaster,… and I slapped him.

- Now you go to your room!

Juan came out crying and trembling.

My wife didn't say anything. He shook his head in denial, and went to the kitchen.

Later, before I went to bed, my wife handed me Juan's newsletter, which had been left in my coat pocket, and said:

- Read it slowly and carefully, then decide what you are going to do:

I took the newsletter, and when I read it carefully, it said:

Juan's dad's newsletter:

For the time your father spends chatting with you before bed: 6

For the time your father spends playing with you: 6

For the time your father spends helping you with homework: 6

For the time your father spends taking you for a family outing: 7

For the time your father spends reading a book to you before bed: 6

For the time your father spends hugging and kissing you: 6

For the time your father spends watching television with you: 7

For the time your father spends listening to your doubts or problems: 6

For the time your father spends teaching you things: 7

Average of the notes: 6.22

In reality, the students had evaluated their parents. My son gave me grades between 6 and 7, but I think I would have deserved 5 or less.

Sorry, I got up and ran to Juan's room. I hugged him, apologized, and cried. I wish I could go back in time! Juan, surprised, and with his eyes still swollen from crying, hugged me and said:

- I love you Papa.

Wake up dads, learn to value your children. Your love, attention, patience and understanding will influence their lives, their success or failure. Don't forget that they won't be the only ones to be evaluated. '

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