The short that teaches children the importance of knowing how to give up

A withdrawal in time is not a defeat. And although it hurts, sometimes, you have to know how to do it, no matter how much we have fought and persevered in something. Because, let's face it: no matter how much we hope for a dream ... sometimes, it doesn't come true. Why don't we also teach the children who must learn to give up on time or to slow down If they see that something does not work or does not go as expected A valuable lesson condensed into a shocking animated short: 'Kint to the last day of my life'.

This short, harrowing and shocking, shows our excessive effort, sometimes sickly, towards some things that get out of hand and lead us towards an abyss. And is that knowing how to stop in time, brake and even reverse is as important as fighting for something.

We encourage our children from a young age to pursue dreams, to fight for them, to believe in the impossible, to persevere ... All of this is very good. Illusion is the engine of life, learning and progress. But we often forget something essential: teach them to brake. If a child goes downhill with a bicycle, and nobody taught him to brake ... what happens? Therefore, we should teach them, while encouraging them to fight for their dreams, where are the limits and when should they give up and slow down.

Write down all the ideas and messages that this interesting animated short gives us:

- If you insist on fighting for something that leads you into an abyss, slow down. Learn to give up on time.

- In life there are times when you can go faster and others when you must go slower. You will also need to learn to rest and retrace some steps to gain momentum.

- Retiring or reconsidering is not a defeat. Rectify, remember, it is wise.

- Never let yourself be blinded by anything. If you have lost your way, it is best to stop and try to find something to guide us.

- Change is not bad. You have to learn to adapt. If something we fight for works, don't change it. If something we fight for doesn't work, change it.

- Do not be afraid of failure. Something not working? Use it as learning: you know where you can't go. As in chess, you have to 'preview' the wrong paths to find the right one.

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