10 destinations to travel with children

Traveling with children can be challenging for some parents. Choose the ideal family destination, packing suitcases, carrying a first aid kit, getting on the plane or train with the children ... The trip can become a stress and a real headache for parents if you go blind, but well organized, it can be a fun adventure to enjoy and spend some unforgettable days with the family. If you are thinking of going on a trip with the family and do not know where, we give you 10 good proposals for traveling with the family.

1- London with children
The city of London can be a wonderful experience for children. It will be especially fun for the little ones to visit the points of London where scenes from the Harry Potter movies were shot, the character created by J.K. Rowling. London dungeons, the zoo or the British Museum are other educational and entertaining activities for children to enjoy.

2- Madrid with children
It is a very special city, in which a beautiful historic center joins with streets like Gran Vía or the Prado Museum along with other more modern landscapes. During a trip to Madrid with children we can take the opportunity to walk through parks such as Retiro or visit one of its theme parks. You can also consult musicals that are available throughout the year on Gran Vía, many of them special for children.

3- Paris with the family
The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, a boat trip on the Seine ... Paris offers infinite possibilities that will leave children speechless by the majesty of its monuments. You can find guided tours focused on them, children's activities in some monuments, city ​​bus tours and countless museums and workshops that we can enjoy as a family.

4- Rome with the children
In Rome children will be able to explain and learn in a fun way. The Colosseum, the Vatican or the Trevi Fountain are some of the most famous monuments in the world that you will find in the city. For children there are also many fun alternatives, such as search for passageways at Castel San't Angelo, toss a coin in the Fontana or take a picture with a Roman centurion.

5- Lisbon with the family
The Lisbon Zoo and Oceanarium are perhaps two of the clearest examples of Lisbon for children, but the city as a whole is an exceptional destination to enjoy a few days with the family for its good weather and the friendliness of the locals. You can climb to the top of the Torre de Belém, visit the Jerónimos Monastery, look out over the Tagus, cross the longest bridge in Europe and photograph the views of the city from the Castle of San Jorge.

6- Florence with the children
The cultural and artistic offer of Florence is not its only attraction. In addition to visiting museums, churches and monuments, you can enjoy its exquisite cuisine. Do not stop trying the delicious ice cream from Florence. Of course, you will not be able to leave Florence without eating a piece of pizza or without seeing a panoramic view of the city - from the top of the dome of Florence Cathedral.

7- Copenhagen with the family
Traveling with children to Copenhagen is a good idea. You can follow in the footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen, the short story writer, through the cobbled streets of Copenhagen, have a good time at the Tivoli, stroll around the harbor (main recreation area for the Danes in good weather) and photograph its famous bronze Little Mermaid.

8- Prague with children
The Czech capital can be seen in a weekend with the children. You cannot miss a walk through the Old City, to get lost in the Town Hall Square, the Church of Týn and the Astronomical Clock, which will leave your children with their mouths open. If you are lucky enough to have more time to enjoy in Prague with children, take the Petřin funicular - also known as the flying chairs - which will take you to the Prague Zoo in a fun way.

9- Dublin with children
It is one of the most exciting European capitals and offers history, culture, architecture and lots of fun. Its fantastic coastline, its lush green areas where your children can run and jump, its urban and cosmopolitan style makes Dublin a perfect destination for a pleasant getaway with children.

10- Stockholm with the family
Stockholm has a very youthful atmosphere, making it a perfect family destination. There is a place for all kinds of tourism in Stockholm, so traveling with children is ideal. You will find activities, places and people willing to draw a smile in the little ones. Built on 14 islands of Lake Mälaren, it offers a beautiful picture with canals and water everywhere.

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