The movement of twins in their mother's womb

Feeling the movement of the baby is one of those sensations that are never forgotten. Something as indescribable as it is magical. At first it feels like a soft tickle. A bubbling. And little by little the baby's movements become more evident. A kick. A hand that reaches out and hits the wall of the uterus ...

And there comes a time when the space in that 'little pool' where the baby splashes happily is so small that these slight movements are, now, so evident that anyone can see them. Many pregnant women take the opportunity to record this moment. I confess that I did.

Yes, I also recorded my daughter's movement. I loved seeing her gut move every time she hiccupped. But I've never been able to capture movements as sharp as this pregnant with twins.

In the pictures, his twins move, stretch, change position. And his gut is deformed. She looks at them rapt.

When you are pregnant with your first child, you begin to feel the baby from week 20. But if it is not your first child, you will feel it much earlier. At first it is a very subtle movement.

However, there are women who do not feel the baby throughout their pregnancy.. And it is that the fact of 'feeling the baby' depends on many factors, among them, how 'moved' the baby is in the womb. However, feeling the baby's movements can be an excellent indicator that the pregnancy is going well. In fact, many gynecologists recommend that a pregnant woman go to the emergency room if suddenly stop feeling your child's movement or you notice that your pace has slowed excessively.

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