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Flu? Wash your hands!

Classic flu or the so-called gastric flu seemingly attacks blindly, but in practice specific groups of people. Does not give up from year to year during any of the seasons.

It is very easy to get sick with both conditions and feel the consequences of this condition: flu for at least a week effectively excludes from social life, puts on the shoulders, causes high fever, muscle aches. Unfortunately, it also kills ... thousands of people each year, previously healthy children and adults.

What can you do? The basis is washing your hands, often and well, and teaching children to take care of hygiene from an early age.

How is the virus spread?

To understand how to prevent the disease, it's worth looking at how the flu virus spreads. He lives in small droplets of saliva and mucus. It spreads when a sick person touches the nose and moves his hands to other objects. Many studies have proven that the influenza virus can be effective on the phone, remote controls, computer keyboard and other frequently touched items.

The other person becomes infected when he touches his nose, eyes or mouth after touching the "virus" object.

Viruses can also spread in the air, after sneezing or coughing. That is why it is so important to cover your mouth during these activities and it is best to wash your hands after them. Better yet, if you cover your hands with a tissue, then throw it away and wash your hands thoroughly.

What to wash your hands with?

Doctors suggest that the best way is the classic way: soap and warm water. Some also use any antibacterial lotions and gels, but when you use them, you have to be aware that they may not have been fully effective. Such conclusions are even drawn from a study conducted in 2011 by the American College of Preventive Medicine that bacteria that cause gastric flu may be resistant to them.

Give time to recover

Although we live in difficult times, it must be clearly emphasized that health is the most important thing. Therefore, it is unacceptable to give sick children to kindergartens or to send them in poor condition to schools. Parents should also remain at home when they feel their flu is taking them. You risk too much, ignoring infections. We see the consequences of this every year: unfortunately in a huge number of post-influenza complications.