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Flatulence during pregnancy. The embarrassing problem is solved

Flatulence during pregnancy is a common, though embarrassing sign of pregnancy. That is why it is rarely mentioned. However, this does not make it easier to solve it. Especially since bloating can cause stomach cramps and pain. Are there proven, really effective ways to get pregnant gases?

It is normal for you to have flatulence during pregnancy

Bloating in pregnancy, although unexpected, it is normal physiological symptom. All because of changes in the future mother's body.

He is primarily guilty progesterone, a hormone that not only allows you to support pregnancy, but also relaxes smooth muscles. It also affects the intestinal muscles, resulting in slower digestion (up to 30%) and gas accumulation.

also elevated estrogen levels can cause the body to save water and gas, which can result in bloating and abdominal discomfort.

At an advanced stage of pregnancy, abdominal pressure increases, which also promotes gas production. The reason for the problems may also be some food ingredients, as well as taking dietary supplements, including iron, which causes constipation and just bloating.

Gases are formed in the large intestine, where food is broken down that has not been digested well before. Bacteria residing there start this process.

How to handle

Simple home remedies are best for pregnancy bloating. Here are the things you should do: