Cot carousel - the first and best child's toy?

The carousel for the cot is currently enjoying unflagging popularity. It is considered one of the necessary elements of an infant's layette. This is not a thing that cannot be done without. You could actually buy it a few weeks after giving birth, but most parents decide to buy it much faster. What are the advantages of a bed carousel? Which models are the most popular?

What are our carousels today?

Cot rotors are available in many versions: the most basic, with music boxes (one or more melodies to choose from), as well as with light effects that allow you to brighten the child's room and act as a bedside lamp. The projector in the carousel has the option that it displays colorful light shapes that catch the eye of the baby, often calm down and calm down.

You can buy screw-on carousels that require manual activation of the mechanism, as well as operated with a convenient button. The most modern carousels have an additional remote control that allows you to handle the toy from a greater distance.

What are the advantages of a carousel for a cot?

  • attracts the baby's attention
  • amuses and calms down
  • acts as a bedside lamp (carousels with a projector)
  • has an aesthetic function.

In order for the carousel to serve well, it is worth paying attention to its size and degree of "complexity". Currently, there are so many different types of toys that you can get lost in choosing. Manufacturers are tempted by increasingly advanced solutions, which, however, can be exaggerated. Consequently, instead of calming down, the carousel can irritate the baby and make it difficult to fall asleep.

It is very important whether the carousel has the ability to adjust the volume, whether the brightness of the emitted light can be graduated, or the toys can be easily detached and cleaned.

It should be remembered that the carousel serves the child for a short time. Manufacturers recommend disassembly after the child learns to sit.

An interesting proposition is children's roundabouts that can be used when a child grows up. For example, in the form of a light projector, or actually a night lamp. As well as an interesting toy, which attached to the side of the bed (without hanging elements) will allow a few-month-old baby to turn on selected elements by himself and use various toy options.

Here you will find the most interesting suggestions for a carousel above a cot.