Subjective review of games for four-year-olds

My personal four-year-old from the first months of her life cIskawa was of various games, guesses, puzzles, puzzles. Already as a half-year toddler demolished my block constructions (K2, Hemar construction blocks). She quickly fell in love with task books (tasks for two-year-olds etc. available seasonally in Biedronka, Lidl etc.) and for puzzles. At present, only 80-piece puzzles are a challenge in which Mum's help is needed :)

It is therefore natural to collect more games. We have several shelves at the moment. Many of them are continuations of existing games. Many are also new. Some a bit "exaggerated", but in a simplified version they are already fascinating. Below is a list of our favorites. We always play with a younger daughter (less than 3 years), so the following games are the ones we can play all three!

Due to the quantity, I allowed myself to divide them into social and educational. Of course, this is a conventional division, because basically every game is educational :)

Part one - party games

Falling monkeys:

ManufacturerMattel games
Children's age5+
Number of players2-4
PriceApprox. 60 PLN (fakes from 9 PLN)
My rating

The palm-shaped tower has holes on several levels. We run colorful sticks through them so that all holes are used (some even twice). Then pour in the monkey from above. The game consists in removing colored sticks from the palm in turn.

Rolling the dice determines what color the stick should be removed. The goal of the game is twofold: the winner is the one who gets the least monkeys or as many as possible at the end of the game. Originally there should be as few as possible. But collecting as many of them as possible is definitely more attractive for the child. The game lasts about 10 minutes.

What does this game teach?

First trains small motor skills by threading, and thus passing sticks through the holes. It is not enough for the child to self-denial on all sticks, but some will gladly put on. The second point is cause-and-effect thinking "after removing which stick will I achieve the best result?”.

Fixation of colors and training of successes and enduring failuresis an added value. With this game, the child can also record counting. At the end you have to calculate who got the number of monkeys :)

I do not recommend more than 2 rounds of the game. A four-year-old bored after 2 rounds of putting sticks in a palm tree.