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3D pen, 3 Doodler Start Super Mega Pen - yes or no? 3D pen reviews

The 3D Doodler marker pen is a great toy for the whole family. Although the manufacturer recommends a magic pen for children over 8 years of age, younger children (in our case a five-year-old) are also dealing with the pen. A pen lets you conjure up many interesting things. You can use the included templates or create something on your own. Theoretically endless fun ... were it not for the cartridges that end quite quickly ... Fortunately, you can buy them. We recommend!

What does playing with a 3D pen mean?

3D markers allow you to rediscover the fun of drawing. Instead of creating simple, flat drawings, it allows design spatial patterns. We succeeded with it create glasses that the children could put on their nose, as well as a small house, as well as a butterfly and flower (the last two designs in the maximum basic version were made by a five-year-old, the more complicated designs - an eight-year-old).

The most important advantages

  • quiet work
  • USB charging option
  • long work, about 60 minutes without charging
  • one working temperature
  • the possibility of buying sets of different sizes
  • the option of buying refills


  • short USB cable
  • cartridges run out fairly quickly
  • high price (around PLN 200-300 - depending on the set, 24 cartridges - cost around PLN 26)

work of 5 years old

Marker 3D reviews

First of all, the 3D pen is very easy to use and safe. It does not heat up, slightly increases its temperature and becomes warm, however, it does not absolutely affect the convenience of use. Even the tip is not hot, you can touch it without risk of burns.

The controls are very simple and just take a moment to master this art. When the cartridge runs out, the device makes a different sound, which is a signal to replace it. In addition, you can observe how the device "sucks" the cartridge. After inserting a new refill with a different color, the previously used color is emitted for a while.

The 3D pen gives so many possibilities that playing with it is very addictive. You can start with simpler designs, through more difficult ones and end up with impressive 3D buildings. We recommend! For small and large!