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Helmet for learning to walk - an absurd solution?

Only decades ago, car seats were not known in Poland. There were also no bottle warmers, rocking chairs - well, nobody heard about pampers. The world has changed and now parents have access to thousands of different amenities. One of them is helmet for learning to walk. For some, a shocking solution, quite unnecessary and even fun, for others worth considering. What's the truth? Is a walking learning helmet a good choice?

Why does a child need a walking learning helmet?

For centuries, the learning process of walking looks the same. When it is not disturbed, the child is not disturbed, on the contrary - it is supported wisely, without relief, the toddler at some stage of development is ready to take the first step. And he does it, to the joy of the environment.

However, they are included in learning to walk falls, impacts, tumor filling. There are scratches, smaller and larger bruises ... On the one hand, they can be very stressful for parents who have had more control over the child and since they have to get up on their feet they have to get used to the new situation, on the other - they are very helpful. A child who falls, hits himself, acquires the necessary experience to enable him to move efficiently. According to the rule - he must fall down to learn to get up.

Are learning helmets bad?

Supporters of walking helmets emphasize that they provide child safety. In their opinion, they are no different from the protectors worn on the head of a child who rides on roller skates or on a bicycle. However are you sure?

While walking is a basic and necessary activity for a child, roller skating is no longer such. One can imagine life without her.

Helmets for learning to walk are dangerous because they make it difficult for your child to learn how to fall correctly and safely. A child equipped with a helmet not only looks absurd, sweats, but also develops a sense of security and the impression of a "stronger head" that can hit something and will not hurt. It is worth thinking what will happen when the child finally takes off the helmet. The effects may be deplorable. A toddler accustomed to a helmet may not be careful enough and will hurt himself quickly.

Is it really worth investing in walking schools?