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Green coffee during pregnancy - safe or better not to drink it?

Green coffee during pregnancy - safe or better not to drink it?

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Coffee during pregnancy is not recommended. Especially in large quantities. And can you drink the green, non-roasted version? Is green coffee in pregnancy a good choice? Read!

Green coffee, or what?

Green coffee is a classic coffee, unprocessed, not roasted. As the name suggests, it's green, unlike the popular black roasted coffee. It is considered healthier than roasted coffee. Some sources indicate that it can even fight cancer.

Currently, green coffee is easily available, it can be purchased in many health food stores, there is no problem with ordering online in both granular and already ground. Green coffee capsules are also very popular.

Why such a phenomenon of green coffee?

Green coffee is especially popular slimming effect.

Green coffee, like green tea, is considered to be good remedy for excess kilos. has reduce hunger, accelerate metabolism and improve fat burning. All because of the high content chlorogenic acid in green coffee, which has a strong antioxidant effect. Green coffee has been proven to rejuvenate, help tissue regeneration, protect against heart disease, hypertension and even reduce the risk of diabetes. It also supports the immune system.

In addition, green coffee provides iron, magnesium and calcium.

It would seem that nothing but drink for health during pregnancy. However are you sure?

Is green coffee safe during pregnancy?

Green coffee, like black, is an important source of caffeine. And it is because of the caffeine content that you should not drink during pregnancy, especially in amounts exceeding 2 cups per day.

You should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day during pregnancy. Before you decide to drink green coffee, analyze the packaging and calculate the caffeine content that you will deliver to your body after preparing a cup of coffee. It is worth considering this option, because green coffee is to have a beneficial effect on well-being in pregnancy. It can also reduce pain and fight popular ailments.

Regardless of your decision, you should consult a doctor before drinking green coffee.