The greatest danger to children during school trips? This answer is surprising!

On the profile of Expedition of Little Trappers - Kuyavian-Pomeranian, an appeal appeared that reached several thousand parents in several hours. The message is so important that we decided to present it to you.

"Do you know what is the biggest threat in my work? What makes it difficult, makes her exhausting and unsatisfying and recently it even happened that threatens my life?

It's not ticks, not bad weather or fatigue.

It's something that your children know perfectly and have contact with it every day.

SUGAR, because we're talking about him, blew up more than one expedition and, in truth, I don't know how to deal with this problem. "

We read further: "Recently, I did a small experiment. I asked the kids to remove their sweets and read the amount of sugar from the packaging. The least - 70 grams of sugar came out - in a girl who, in addition to a candy packet and a wafer, had sliced ​​fruit and nuts as snack, and clean water to drink. The record holder, who did not stand out much from the rest of the group, was also a girl with 340 grams of sugar. That's a third of a kilo! And this child assimilated the whole thing before we returned from the forest. "

The author of the post believes that children who eat excess sugar behave like "stoned", are overactive, stimulated, until the blood sugar level drops sharply, then there is fatigue, irritability and unwillingness to cooperate. To improve their mood, children reach for another snack, and when they have eaten everything, they use the money given by their parents to buy another sweet thing.

We asked the author of the post why he thinks that children who eat excess sweets are stoned. Here's the answer:

"It's a strong word, but writing about mood swings or increased psycho-motor activity doesn't impress parents. Children who eat a very large amount of sweets do not behave as high, they are high. They have assimilated a very large dose of a chemical substance that affects behavioral changes. Just like alcohol or drugs. When your blood sugar drops, you feel weak and irritable. The body demands another portion. This state of affairs is to be compared to craving for drugs. I dare to call us parents dealers who supply our sweet junkies with goods of not always the best quality. The situations I described relate to extremely high sugar intake. Together with the children on a field trip, I calculated that each of them has on average about 200 g of sugar in sweets taken on a 3-hour trip. The record holder had 340 grams. "

And what do you say?

We encourage you to read the entire post here.