How do they feed our children in kindergartens? Worse than in prisons!

When we give a child to kindergarten, we believe that we make the right decision. We look forward to a well-organized time, activating, developing fun as well as tasty, well-balanced meals. Unfortunately, it happens that the situation is far from expected. As in one of Wągrowiec kindergartens, in which the catering company offering the lowest price won the tender for feeding children in kindergarten. Effect? Little varied meals presented in the pictures below. Parents are outraged! Some decided to terminate the contracts for feeding children, opting for self-catering at home.

The following photos are by several parents from Wągrowiec. We publish them after talking to one of the mothers who wants to remain anonymous.

Parents are outraged. The tender for feeding children in kindergarten in Wągrowiec was won by the company that offered the lowest price. Unfortunately at the expense of quality.

The feeding rate is PLN 5.80 per day (3 zlotys: dinner, 1 zlotys: afternoon tea, 1.80 zlotys: breakfast). This is the so-called parent load paid into the pot. The remaining costs, among others for the delivery and preparation of meals, are covered by the mayor, or de facto city residents.

The mother we spoke to emphasizes that parents have offered to pay more so that better meals can be prepared. Unfortunately their offer was rejected. "The gentleman from catering exclaims that for 3 zlotys for dinner, what we want more ... - one of the mothers tells us - Well, he did, but he gave the price and unfortunately the lowest, which won the tender ... He had a menu that was priced and we have Lower costs. We can pay more, may only the children eat better ... That they may eat well, as they should ...

In Wągrowiec, all kindergartens use catering offering meals, as in the attached pictures.

Should our children eat this way? Are these really well-balanced meals?

What do you say?

Parents from Wągrowiec after the intervention of local media are forbidden to take pictures of meals served to their children.