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How much do a nanny pay? What determines the babysitter's salary?

Childcare is a very labor-intensive and responsible task, of which every parent is well aware. Not every mother and dad, however, have the opportunity to look after their children themselves or entrust them to their grandparents or family. In this situation, we have a choice either give our child to nursery or kindergarten, or hire a nanny to look after him. A nanny is a good choice if we want our child to be provided with the maximum attention and care, and that the care meets all our expectations.
However, when employing a nanny, we have to take into account quite considerable expenditure. What? Let's check how much employment of a nanny for a permanent and hourly average in Poland costs.

Nanny - why should you hire her?

A nanny is a person whose choice is most influenced by parents. It depends on them who they employ for caring for their child. Some parents they prefer young and educated womenwho have experience in this work, others, in turn, bet on warm, old ladies, whose advantage, despite the lack of specialized education, is that they have already raised a group of their children. So in the case of a nanny, we can decide for ourselves what character traits, experience and predispositions matter most to us and on this basis choose a babysitter who best meets our expectations.

Nanny, with only one child in care, he can take care of him much better than ladies in nursery or kindergarten, who have to look after a dozen children at the same time. So we are sure that our child will be surrounded by the best care and protection. Nanny employment is also provided very flexible we decide how often we will use its services, we can freely negotiate terms of cooperation and determine childcare hours convenient for us. In case of emergency situations we can also call the nanny at any time and ask her to take care of the child.

Let's not forget that a properly selected nanny is a person who can become very close to our child, especially the permanent one. Thanks to this, our child will have a greater sense of security and will be happy to be looked after by his nanny.

How much do a nanny pay?

There are many benefits to employing a nanny. No wonder that more and more parents consciously choose this form of care for their child. Unfortunately, however, employing a nanny it is not cheap and not all of us can afford this form of care.

You should be aware that childcare is a job like any other. Nanny, both employed and visiting our home for 2-3 hours a week, she should receive fair remuneration for her work. Fair, whose one will allow her to support herself, pay her bills, and often also support her family. The nanny's salary should also include her availability, the cost of commuting to our home, time spent on childcare and additional activities performed during work. How much does a nanny cost?

How much to pay a permanently employed nanny?

The cost of employing a nanny varies depending on the size of the city where we live. We will pay the most to a nanny who works in large cities, where, in general, salaries are slightly higher than in smaller towns.

And so by employing a nanny, e.g. in Warsaw or Krakow full-time (8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday), we will pay for her services on average from 1500 to 2500 PLN "on hand". In smaller towns, the payment of a nanny may be 100-200 PLN lower.

The amount of the nanny's fee depends not only on the size of the city and the working time of the nanny. Because if we want the babysitter to look after the child she also took care of the order at home, prepared dinner for us and the child and performed other household activities, we must also take into account the need to pay a higher amount for her services. The cost of employing a nanny will also be higher if she is looked after more than one child.

Therefore, before we start planning our return to work and start looking for a nanny, let us define our budget exactly and check whether the amount we are able to spend on paying the nanny is within the average prices of its services. Remember that nanny work, contrary to appearances, is not light, and the more experienced and educated a person, the higher their financial expectations will be.

How much do nanny pay per hour?

If we don't have the financial capacity to permanently employ a nanny, you might want to consider renting it for hours. A child who is close to us can take care of your child permanently, and in a situation where we have no one to look after him, we can use the services of a nanny.

How much nanny does it take per hour?

Nanny's hourly rates, just like a fixed salary, they vary depending on the size of the city, the scope of duties, the child's age and the experience and financial expectations of the babysitter herself.

On average, we will pay the nanny from 10 to 20 PLN per hour of work.

When deciding to employ a nanny, remember that finding the right babysitter our child will love is a real treasure. Nanny he is not an ordinary employee which we can replace at any time. This is the person we entrust very responsible task - taking care of the most important person for us, our child. Therefore, it is worth deciding to employ her only in a situation when we are really able to pay fairly for her services.