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Lord Jesus - a mascot for fun and prayer. A good idea for a gift?

The time before Christmas is a hot time for looking for presents under the Christmas tree. Many parents, grandparents and aunts are wondering how to choose the perfect gift. Such that the child would really enjoy. There are also people willing to give special things that will deepen the child's faith. This is where the idea to create the Lord Jesus mascot came from.

Ɓukasz Najder on Facebook writes:

"An interesting proposition for a Christmas gift ... the cuddly toy meets all standards - European, Fatima etc.

The mascot was based on the revelations of Saint Sister Faustyna Kowalska. He has the Sacred Heart of Jesus embroidered on the tunic.

Method of implementation:
- high quality,
- body and tunic made of extremely soft plush,
- wool hair,
- embroidered eyes, eyebrows and smiling lips,
- sewn nose, belt and sandals,
- height 30 cm, the toy is standing,
- manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN71,
- easy to clean surface,
- a great gift for a newborn baby,
- we deliver it in a PVC bag.

Examples of use:

1. Prayer: plush Jesus can be used as an excellent prayer aid.
2. When you fall asleep: plush Jesus is made of extremely soft plush, and children will love him when falling asleep.
3. Holy Mass: plush Jesus is a great toy for quiet play for children during the Eucharist. A child can easily imagine situations of the Gospel when he has in his hand the real toy of Jesus.
4. Imitation: Jesus Christ is Emanuel - God with us (cf. Mt 1:23) in all forms of child activity. " (source - link)
The mascot is available for PLN 99. You can buy it here. What do you think?