Time for mom

Are you sleeping with your child This huge mattress may interest you!

There are many parents today who decide to sleep together with their children. They motivate their choice with comfort and the ability to meet the child's needs. Sleeping together when babies are small is, for many, the best way to get enough sleep, and also makes breastfeeding easier.

But how do you fit on a classic bed? This is a real challenge. In practice, one or two people sleep on the edge, and the child has the most space to manage. Unfortunately, it often ends differently - her husband's "eviction" from the bedroom ...

It doesn't have to be this way.

If we only have a large bedroom (which for many is unfortunately a dream), we can invest in a really large mattress from the collection of the American company Ace. The mattress is of a colossal size and once and for all ends the problem with back pain after a night together with the child in bed. The width of the mattress is up to 366 centimeters, which is at least twice as much as the average bed measures.

And what do you say?

Who could use a huge mattress?