Can you kidnap your own child in Poland? It turns out that yes

The police are looking for parents who took their newborn child from the hospital in Białogard on Friday. Parents were partly deprived of parental rights when they refused to carry out medical treatment on their child, including vaccinations. According to unconfirmed reports, the girl's parents are already outside the country.

On Thursday evening, a child was born at 37 weeks of pregnancy (according to some sources, at 36 weeks of pregnancy). The newborn was in very good condition, he obtained high scores on the Apgar scale. The delivery took place without a problem. The woman giving birth cooperated with medical staff, according to the hospital staff she seemed nice and composed, and at the same time communicative. Shortly after delivery, the mother of the child refused to perform medical activities on her baby. At the same time, she agreed to use her medical care.

Pediatricians informed the problem of cooperation with the young mother the day after delivery. The parents of the baby girl did not agree to wash the baby with fetal fluid after delivery, they did not agree to administer anti-inflammatory drops to the eye (mandatory treatment against gonococcal conjunctivitis), intravenous administration of vitamin K after delivery, and for vaccinating the baby in the first day of life .

According to pediatricians, refusing medical treatment was bad for the child. Therefore, the family court was notified, which urgently decided to partially limit the exercise of parental responsibility. A court hearing was held at the hospital on Friday at 8 am. The court appointed a lawyer who was to exercise parental responsibility in the scope of providing medical services.

When the parents received the court order, they packed up and left the hospital. Doctors assess the decision as irresponsible. For a newborn baby, the risk of developing jaundice is that you need to check your bilirubin level to monitor your baby's condition.

Opponents of the current vaccination calendar are of the opinion that reporting on kidnapping your own child from the hospital seems unfounded. Parents were not deprived of their full rights. So they could leave with the child. The court's decision took their right to decide about medical procedures. Parents did not violate this right.

Justyna Socha, from the National Association of Knowledge about Vaccinations STOP NOP, to which the parents of the child turned to legal assistance: "My mother was not heard by a doctor or court. Within 24 hours, the court restricted parental rights and revoked the right to decide on medical treatment for a child. Parents could not verify the information because they were not interviewed. (...) Patient's rights speak of informed consent for a medical procedure, i.e. the doctor is obliged to present to parents the risk of each procedure and the benefits of each procedure, whether the child is at risk, for example to give him vitamin K ". In addition, Socha notes that the child was not a premature baby, and the decision not to wash the baby right after delivery is logical and results from the care of the child's immune system (read the article SOSRODZICE.PL, when it is worth washing a newborn, along with the latest scientific information informing about this that it is better to wait with the bath until the return home with the newborn). According to the current legal status - parents have the right to refuse to vaccinate a newborn baby in the first day of life (read about the rights of parents in the delivery room).

A discussion started on the internet. Ania wrote:

"I gave birth twice in Poland and twice in Germany. In Poland, NOBODY asked me if I agreed to any medical treatment of a child, and whether it was possible to take a bath and whether an artificial mixture could be given ... I was vaccinated without my consent and knowledge, informing me post factum. Bathed in the same way. One of the Daughters was given glucose without asking for my opinion. In Germany, such things are discussed ... a month before delivery, on a special visit to the hospital. Neither Son nor Daughter were bathed in the hospital AT ALL, and only at my express request on the third day they washed their heads. Not only that, we were told that you can not bathe for up to two weeks and that it is beneficial precisely because of the goo! For the first six weeks, they are not vaccinated in Germany at all, and vitamin K is given orally ... "

Magda added:

Thank God I gave birth in Germany and all these procedures are a free choice of parents, not a sick duress !!!

And Jola added:

What premature baby? The baby is not premature, he was born at 37 weeks of pregnancy! By definition, a premature baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. And even if it is a premature baby because they give the wrong date of delivery, why did they want to vaccinate them? Only in Poland and Bulgaria a newborn is vaccinated in the first day of life!

Adrian is of a different opinion:

At least the court thinks, because the child's parents should rather live in the Middle Ages.

The head of the ward in which the child was born draws attention to the paradox of refusing medical treatment for a child while using medical treatments (giving painkillers) by the mother.

Added: 17.09.2017 - below the statement of the Father of the Child

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