10 weeks of pregnancy

The developing baby looks like human thumbnail. The toes no longer have membranes, the outer parts of the ear are formed, which will soon allow you to listen to everything that is happening around you. Otherwise all organs are already made. They work together to form a harmonious arrangement.

Do you feel with yourself that you are pregnant? Do you notice changes in your behavior? With each passing day the pregnancy will be more and more visible, and your body and your appearance will change more dynamically than before.


Fetal development is very dynamic. At this stage, baby already measures 3cm and weighs about 5 grams, its size resembles a dried plum.

The head has a clearly human shape already. The torso is longer and more straight. It also starts bone calcification process (bones and cartilage are formed). Knees and ankles and tiny elbows develop. The limbs are already clearly outlined, and all internal organs are already formed.

The handles may come close together and the legs clearly move. Ankles and wrists are already formed. It was also created hard palate. Under the gums are also formed clove ovules.

followed by rapid brain development. Due to the formation of muscles, you can see the movements of the fetus in the form of "flinches". General movements are also noticeable.

The stomach is already producing digestive juicesand the kidneys more urine If your child is a boy, his testicles are already they produce testosterone.

Between 10 and 14 weeks of pregnancy is performed ultrasound (ultrasound) examination of the thickness of the neck foldwhich informs you about the risk of having Down syndrome. During the examination, the doctor will make several measurements. Check what the individual abbreviations mean, which are used by gynecologists during ultrasound.


Perhaps the morning sickness had already gone a little bit. It can certainly also be the case that every morning you run to the toilet to pee or, unfortunately, hang with your head over the shell. Remember that these unpleasant moments will soon pass and by entering the second trimester you will feel better.

You can still feel sleepy and tired. Also, don't be surprised if a network of blood vessels appears on your chest. Unfortunately, at this stage you can notice the characteristic lines on the thighs or buttocks - stretch marks. Therefore, try to moisturize the skin and eat a healthy dietnot to put on too much weight.

An additional symptom that may accompany you at this stage is loose gumsprone to irritation and even an enlarged thyroid gland.

What is worth remembering?

Every day, when you prepare a meal or go to a restaurant, remember that everything you eat and your child "eats" with you. Therefore, avoid products that could be dangerous to him. Do not eat raw meat, meals with unpasteurized milk. Choose healthy products, not highly processed. Read the diet during pregnancy.

Try too listen to your body. He often suggests what he really needs. If you fancy a dairy product, don't deny it. Eat calcium-rich foods that are recommended during pregnancy.

Don't forget about iron-rich foods. Before the volume of blood circulating in your body increases, remember to prepare yourself for it. Eat meat, eggs and don't forget about fish.

From mom's diary

I'm hungry. The husband says finally. I would still eat. This is normal, because the body works at full speed and needs a lot of valuable nutrients. Still, I'm a little scared of myself. Once I don't eat anything, then I would eat everything we have in the fridge. Analyzing everything, you can be paranoid. That is why I try to calm down quickly, repeating that my body knows what is best for it and to listen to it ... and it will be good.

In addition, looking in the mirror, I seem to be more beautiful. I have the impression that my wrinkles, so those lines that are around my eyes, have clearly smoothed out. This is because pregnant skin produces more collagen. Then just get pregnant to grow slower! Cosmetics companies would go bankrupt. Many of them would not even regret it.

I stand on the balance and the balance is simple: I've lost four kilograms, and now the weight has been normal for several days. Soon it will probably run like a torpedo and I will never look back at 15 kilos. If only that much ...

From dad's diary

I am probably the happiest man in the whole world. My wife is pregnant and ... I know everything will be fine. Initial stress, anxiety as if gone. We wanted this child, and now our dream comes true.

I will not say that it is easy for me to see how she changes, because she does not help me understand her moods, but I have a distance to it. I nod her, hug her, don't insist, try to be close. It works so far ... We'll see what comes next ...

Although I will write something: I know who this toddler will be ... Of course, with daddy :) I hope ...;)

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