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Teddy bears for dressing Goki - a great toy not only for girls

Every conscious parent knows that small motor skills are necessary for proper development. A child who has the option of gymnastics fingers during play, is better at using crayons, scissors and a pen in the future. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a large range of attractive toys for the 3-5 year age group. Bears for dressing the German brand Goki, known for high-quality toys, are one of the most interesting ideas for preschoolers. We checked - they are great. Why?

Teddy bears for dressing Goki - what does the kit contain?

Meet the family of Misia Benna and Bennoh, who came to us from the store. Here are two small wooden figures with plastic, easy-to-bend arms and legs. Teddy bears live in a wooden box, divided into three parts, and actually in a wardrobe, in which there are clothes specially prepared for them. Among them are: several blouses, t-shirts, pants, hats and even a fly.

Everything prepared with extraordinary care. Although the clothes are small, they are well sewn, durable and comfortable to put on. Nothing falls off, it doesn't rip, children can play without fear.

The only minus, which may slightly hinder fun is ... bear feet that are quite large. On the one hand, it's good, because thanks to this we can put the bears and they will be standing alone, without supporting, on the other hand, however, putting on pants requires taking some tactics, for a three-year-old child it can be impossible without the help of a parent.

An undoubted advantage are comfortable fastenings and loose cuts that make them easy to put on. This is very important, because the child can play alone, without the frustration that something goes wrong, that you need to ask an adult for help.

Teddies can be dressed for many occasions - daytime, pajamas for the night, rain and sunny weather, there is also a chef's apron and a special hat. A few suggestions for clothes for a teddy bear girl and boy.

Children can pick teddy bears, put them to sleep in a wooden box, play them with roles. When playing, especially the little ones have a chance get to know and name individual pieces of clothing.

Children who do not like independent dressing can benefit through this toy self confidence and show initiative during morning attempts to put on clothing.

What is equally important and what is worth emphasizing - was used to manufacture the toy natural wood and non-toxic paints, thanks to this fun is in 100% secure (even when a younger child takes the toy in his mouth).

The big advantage is the ability to end the fun through putting all the items into the box. Everything fits perfectly and takes up little shelf space. Thanks to this, nothing will get lost and everything will be in good order.

We recommend this toy. Especially for:

  • the possibility of practicing small motor skills,
  • for diligence of performance,
  • durability,
  • a large number of clothes in the set,
  • possibility of various fun,
  • execution - natural wood and non-toxic paints,
  • safety of fun.

A well-deserved title of Parental Hit!

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