Time for mom

"It's getting more and more expensive. Maybe we have 100 zlotys for two days ... "

"When I was little, my grandmother told me that I should study because I would eat dry bread with butter ... Now that I remember it, I smile under my breath. Because butter is a luxury product in our home. Just like in many other Polish homes. "- Kasia wrote to us. And she added: "Just a dozen or so months ago, for 100 zlotys I did shopping for a week. No madness, basic products, dairy products, meat, vegetables, no expensive sweets or juices in a carton. What you really need. Today, when I go to the store, I barely have 100 zlotys to buy basic products, to prepare modest meals for the whole day for five people for two / three days. Food is getting more expensive. "

End of month. Questions about 500+ appear in forums gathering parents. When payouts, why so late. What to do to receive money regularly so that there is no downtime in the program. Of course, similar questions collect a wave of hate, titled: "You decided on a child, then get to work, and you do not wait for money from heaven."

As the results of anonymous surveys show, most of us spend money from 500+ on food and clothing for children. Only a small percentage of them save or invest in other goods, for example in extra-curricular activities for children.

Every year more and more expensive

CSO data showed that On average, prices in August 2017 were by 42.8 percent. higher than last year. There has not been such a large increase for many years. In September, we noted another rise in food product prices after July-August. It's not over yet. Experts recommend preparing for the next wave of increases. Higher prices are due to unfavorable weather this year, lack of fruit harvest, higher consumption of dairy products and higher prices of dairy products.

The classic butter a year ago cost around 3.30 zlotys. Now for a cube of 200 grams we have to pay 6 zlotys and more. Compared to last year, the price of bread and fruit even increased by up to 30% (for example, we need to pay over PLN 1 more for a kilo of apples popular with us, we will pay twice as much for plums), for the cheapest 10 eggs we will pay almost PLN 1 more than a year ago. The price of bread and vegetables and meat increases (red meat, for example pork loin by 34% compared to last year's prices).

Despite a lot of interesting promotions and sales campaigns in supermarkets and discount stores - bills are getting higher. The staff of popular supermarkets do not hide that this can be seen from the contents of the baskets. Currently, we spend much more on small purchases, and a stuffed shopping basket costs much more than a year or two ago.

I thought only I had it

"For a moment I wondered if maybe I was somehow misleading. Maybe I'm wasteful. I decided to write down all expenses, collect receipts for basic necessities. I was really surprised. How much do we spend on food. It seems that the state helps, but I have the impression that the 500+ that we get, have actually eaten increases. So I don't really feel them. Prices are soaring. It is fearful to think what will happen next, "Kasia concluded her message.

Do you have a similar impression?