When a child falls ill over the weekend, will there be a problem?

From October, parents in many regions of Poland will be able to use the help of a pediatrician only in hospitals. I am talking about the change coming into force on October 1 regarding weekend and holiday health care. Many parents do not hide their indignation!

On October 1, health reform enters into force on a hospital network that changes the principles of night and weekend healthcare. The purpose of the act is to relieve the SRDs and admission rooms, which were often visited by people whose lives and health were not endangered.

The changes coming into force on October 1 are to make getting to the pediatrician difficult, because in most facilities the GP will be admitted. For example, in Krakow, a pediatrician will work in one 24-hour clinic in the city, and in Lublin you will be able to seek help only in three hospitals, in clinics it will no longer be available.

According to the Minister of Health, the presence of a pediatrician is not necessary to help the youngest children. Some parents think differently. Catherine comments on the matter as follows: "Absurd is an understatement. Huge queues and many hours of waiting with a sick child - that's what awaits us. No comment ... "Agnieszka adds:" Or we will call for a private doctor and you only have to stick to your pocket. "In turn, Aleksandra believes that little will change:" It has been so long with us. You have to go to the other end of town. So-called evening, night, weekend and holiday help is at the hospital. Now they have built a new building and a ticket is collected so that there are no quarrels. Earlier in the evening there was a note ... on sora! So while waiting for the doctor, the children saw people after the accident, resuscitation, death, imprisonment of corpses or people in such a state that it was difficult for children to look at it ... "

And what do you think about it?

Night and holiday health care are services provided in the scope of basic medical care provided from Monday to Friday from 18.00 to 8.00 the next day and 24 hours a day on non-working days. In case of illness or deterioration of health, the patient may go to a help desk of his choice or ask for advice by phone.