Small child

No pants on the beach is nothing ... Parents have other, worse sins on their conscience

Summer has come. On every other parent blog, the same topic. Still current and burning emotions - nudity of children on the beach. The appeals are the same everywhere - put on your baby's panties. Don't let me run naked. And rightly so ... The problem is that one rarely talks about another issue, equally important, and often considered non-existent.

Just removing the panties or diapers for the baby is not the end of the problem. There is another resulting directly from the fact that the child is naked - how to behave when such a bare baby is pee or the other one ... And what to do in a situation where a toddler who is unable to control his own bladder just puffs on a blanket of people lying next to people?

I'm exaggerating? These things do not happen?

It turns out that everything is possible.

A few days ago I came back from a vacation from a foreign resort known for crowded beaches.

Beautiful views, crystal water and ... lots of people. Among them also children.

And he. An eye of a year and a half, playing near us, who at one point stood next to our beach neighbor's towel and pissed on him. The boy's mom chuckled nervously but did nothing. Our eyes met. She must have seen the surprise on my face, but quickly looked away.

Maybe because the owners of the towel at the moment were in the water and could not see the situation? Maybe because she wasn't sure what to do? How to behave? I do not know.

One thing is certain, after a few minutes the marriage returned from the sea, and the woman sat down on her towel "decorated" by a little boy.

You can say nothing happened. It's just a "little pee."


I wonder, then, dear reader, would you like to wipe your child with a towel that another toddler just peered on?

The situation a few days ago reminded me of another event. This time from the Baltic Sea, when my children at the shore were playing with a girl of four years. I was standing nearby, not far from the girl's grandmother. At some point, the child called "pee", immediately adding "grandma, to the water, because it's a small pee." Then, to my and children's surprise, grandma took off the girl's outfit and blew her up over the waves, allowing the bladder to empty. Because it was a small pee, so it was allowed.

Will you tell me what little pee mean in the big sea?

However, we did not want to play in this place ...

We took the toys and went somewhere else, and I tried to explain to the children why others pee into the sea ... And if it can be done.

Can you?