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A second son in the family causes problems more often? The curse of the second child

American scientists are studying everything. Their results are often shocking, sometimes they laugh. This time ... they arouse controversy. The researchers discovered and described the phenomenon called the "curse of the second son in the family". Sounds scary?

What is behind this rather unusual term?

A lot, but to put it simply:

Studies show that a second boy born in the family is more troublesome than his older brother.

Joseph Doyle has traced thousands of stories of children born in Florida and Denmark, trying to find information about the impact of birth order on a child's later life. The researcher focused on data on the first two children in the family (not including twins). An additional requirement applied to having the same father and mother by the examined siblings. Doyle focused especially on those families where the boy was born second.

Studies have shown that the second boy who was born in a given family was 40% more likely to have discipline problems at school and legal problems than his first son. The researchers noted that despite the socio-demographic differences between Denmark and Florida, the dangers of having a second son are similar.

How does Doyle and the group of researchers explain this situation? Among other things, these words: "We believe that differences in the interest of parents giving less attention to their second child are key." In addition, another aspect was highlighted - the first-born child has patterns presented by adults, while another child in the family primarily observes the behavior of older siblings, often a rebellious two-year-old or a lost four-year-old. And unfortunately, these are usually not examples worth following.

Scientists add right away - that there is no point in wringing your hands. The study shows a general picture that must NOT be reflected in every family ...

Phew ...