Safe Songs

"Safe Songs" is addressed to both the youngest listeners and teenagers. The issues raised in the song lyrics relate to threats that already appear in preschool age (trusting strangers, playing with fire, touching foreign animals, playing with energized objects, walking on thin ice), early school (bravado over water, thoughtlessness on the internet, excessive noise) and secondary (hitchhiking, as well as drugs: alcohol, cigarettes and drugs). It is important that none of these threats will lose relevance in later stages of life. Many adults who listen to this CD will come to the conclusion that the advice contained in the text can also improve their safety.

The lyrics are rhymed, which makes it easier to remember content. The songs are varied in tempo, music styles (from the '70s to the current style of drum'n'bass and dubsteep) and character (from gentle classical instruments, through modern sounds, to guitar playing). The songs are very melodious and catchy, which makes it possible to learn safety rules. They stimulate children's imagination, showing the negative consequences of inappropriate behavior as well as the right choices. Most of the texts show real life situations and telling captivating stories, which avoids moralizing that listeners are sensitive to, and the message is absorbed in an imperceptible way. Its high efficiency is also influenced by the fact that all content is passed on to children and young people by their peers, known from the Internet for their authentic and emotional performances of songs, which have been watched almost 1.5 million times!

This CD will save the health and lives of many children and teach them behaviors that will make their adult life safer.

All lyrics and compositions are copyright were created in the recording studio 'Studio Dla Ciebie' in Opole and were positively evaluated by teachers who recognized the album 'Safe Songs' with a new tool helpful in their work, which they have been waiting for a long time.

Price: PLN 29.90

Children who can sing can record their vocals for any song from the "Safe Songs" album in our Children's and Youth Song Recording Studio in Opole, where the album was made.

We invite you to watch the trailer of the album - you will be able to listen to fragments of all twelve songs on films recorded during recordings in our studio: here.

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