Do you play with your child and look at the phone? See how it can end

Most parents think that looking at the phone while playing with a child is nothing. You can actively spend time with a toddler, preschooler or older child and at the same time receive text messages, reply to emails, browse the internet.

Experts talking about the dangers associated with it are not heard. Those who call for more involvement are mixed with mud. It is ironically said that no one is harmed.

Recent research results prove the opposite.

Professor Brandon McDaniel of Illinois State University examined 170 families residing in the United States, studying what influence parents' distracted attention has on children's development. The average age of mothers was 33, and most families had more than one child.

The results of the research gave a clear answer - the technosphere increases children behavior problems, causes them aggression, irritability, demotivates, reduces involvement in learning. The presence of telephones during meals, conversations, play causes children similar feelings to rejection, toddlers become distrustful, initially refuse to cooperate unconsciously, over time they have a stronger tendency to close themselves. Although the parent may have the impression of control over the situation, modern technologies are so overwhelming that there is not much left for the child.

Scientists have no doubt that smartphones and tablets disturb interaction with the child.

McDaniel, research manager, said: "We need to look critically at the devices we use. Their task is simple - to attract our attention. Unfortunately, in this way we become distracted and distracted. "We enter the virtual world more, less of us in a place where a child needs us.

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