How to quickly get rid of runny nose in a child?

A child's runny nose can happen several times a year. And unfortunately it lasts longer than an adult - not a week, but up to two weeks ... These are the facts that should not put our vigilance to sleep. Effective removal of residual secretions helps prevent many unpleasant consequences - cough, bronchitis, lung inflammation and otitis. How to quickly get rid of runny nose in a child?

Qatar is not a disease?

In children attending nurseries and kindergartens during the infection season, runny nose may not actually pass. Hence, many parents assume that since runny nose is so common, it is not a disease ...

And this is not entirely true.

Although in many cases the runny nose is underestimated, it is important to be able to deal with it. Do not leave him alone, because in this way the innocent runny nose can turn into a serious problem.

How to quickly get rid of runny nose in a child?

Moisturizing the mucosa and cleansing the nose

This is the basis. It is very important to moisturize the dried and irritated nasal mucosa. For this purpose, saline or sea salt spray solutions (for example, such ones) work great. When your child has a cold, you should use the spray several times a day.

Many doctors indicate that sea salt is useful not only during illness, but every day. Moistening of the mucosa should be the point of daily hygiene of the nose.


How to quickly get rid of runny nose in a child? Systematic nebulization with a sea salt solution brings very good effects at the beginning of the disease. In this way, you can get rid of thick runny nose and facilitate cleansing the nose.

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Ointments warming up and facilitating breathing

During a cold, it's worth reaching for ointments that will clear your nose and facilitate breathing. We usually apply specificity to the baby's skin or pajamas.

How to use them? Here you will find a cheat sheet.

Frequent airing

When a child has a cold, many parents give up airing the room, quite wrongly. Ensure a constant supply of fresh air. During the heating season, it is also recommended to moisten the dried air. The optimum humidity in the apartment is about 50-60%.


The child has a runny nose?

Take them for a walk. However, not after shopping centers, but to a nearby park or forest. This is important because cooler air works well for the baby. First of all, it allows you to shrink the nasal mucosa and moisturize it. For colds, sessions in the salt cave are also a good option.

We give up walking when a child has a fever.


When a child gets tired of runny nose, they should drink a lot. However, not sweet drinks, but above all water and herbal teas (e.g. chamomile, sage), which help the body fight infection.

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No milk or sugar

A child's runny nose can be treated with a diet. Unfortunately quite demanding: it is advisable to exclude milk and dairy products, as well as maximum sugar reduction. Instead, it is worth reaching for vegetables and millet, which strengthens the body and shortens the time of illness.