Watch out for the giraffe Sophie ... This was discovered by parents in a popular toy

Sophie's giraffe popular toy, considered to be the perfect teether for babies. In the west in many regions is considered irreplaceable. Just every child has it. Unfortunately, a year ago, information on the "find" inside the toy circulated the internet for the first time. A few days ago the information appeared again. Parents are beginning to be afraid, but are they right?

Dana Chianese is a pediatric dentist who recommended buying a giraffe to parents of teething children. Today he is withdrawing from his recommendation. Why? Because when she decided to clean the toy and felt the unpleasant smell coming from its inside, she cut the giraffe and mold appeared in her eyes.

How about this, if the same problem applies to many bath toys, such as the popular ducks?

Yes, except that Sophie, according to Chianese and other parents who discovered mold, was washed according to the manufacturer's instructions - using warm soapy water. The toy was not immersed in water.

Anxious parents point out that the problem is not just about Sophie. All rubber toys with a small hole are at risk.

Doctors calm down. Perhaps the view is not beautiful, but if the toy is not cut, the mold does not leak out (although this opinion seems quite controversial), therefore, healthy children, without immune disorders and without allergies to mold, can play with Sophie.

To prevent the fungus from developing, dry the toy very thoroughly after use and prevent water from getting inside the toy.

What do you think about it?