Promotions for baby diapers and other products for the youngest

Diapers are running out? Could wet wipes, or maybe your favorite dinners and desserts? We review promotional brochures from supermarkets for you and present the most important promotions.


  • Pampers Value Pack diapers at Carrefour at the price of 39.95. On the other hand, at Tesco, the same diapers for 43.99.
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers in Kaufland for 39.99 instead of 49.99.
  • Pampers Active Baby Mega Pack Plus diapers in Real for 63.95 (one diaper for 0.57 groszy).
  • You will pay 49.99 for two packs of Pampers Sleep & Baby diapers in Real.
  • Huggies nappies at Tesco Giga Midi at Tesco for 59.99 instead of 84.99.
  • Pampers wet wipes in Carrefour for PLN 19.99 for four packs (including one for free). In Real, on the other hand, we'll receive 6 pieces of wipes for 26.95.
  • Bobimi shampoo and bubble bath in Carrefour second for 50% of the price. We will pay PLN 6.39 for the first packaging and PLN 3.20 for the second. In turn, in Real Bobini shampoo and liquid for 5.99.
  • Tesco diapers at 29.99 instead of 34.95 zlotys.
  • Nivea caring cleansing gel at Tesco at the price of 11.99 instead of 15.49.
  • Lovel powder 1.9 at Tesco for 19.99 instead of 24.99.


  • Bebilon milk in Carrefour for the price of 38.85
  • Bebiko milk (from 2 to 4) at Super-Pharm at 12.49 instead of 13.45.
  • Bobovita milk-rice porridge in Carrefour for 6.99, while in Tesco for 6.69.
  • Bobovita dessert in Tesco 4 at a price of 3 (125 grams pack) at a price of 2.39 per pack when buying four pieces.
  • Hipp tea 200 grams for 9.99. However, in Super-Pharm the same tea, however, in a package of 400 gr. for 14.99 instead of the regular price of 19.99.
  • Gerber children's dishes in Carrefour four for the price of three. By buying four pieces, we will pay 3.74 per piece instead of 4.99
  • Bobovita dinner dishes at Tesco 4 for the price of 3 (cost of one dish 3.44 when buying four packs).
  • dessert for children Gerber in Real 4 pieces for the price of 3 (130 grams) - 2.24 pieces.
  • Juices for children Bobo Frut in Carrefour four for the price of three. At Carrefour, when you buy four bottles, you'll pay 2.39 for one pack instead of 3.19.
  • Gerber juice and necrary in Real 4 pieces for the price of 3, we pay 2.99 for one glass.
  • danonki in Auchan at the price of 3.99 instead of 4.99 for six packages of 50 grams each

Toys and accessories

  • Disney baby bedding in Carrefour (size 135 × 100) for the price of 39.99
  • at Tesco a wide selection of toys for half the price.


  • in Lidl a set of children's underwear for the price of 11.99
  • two pieces of cute blouses in Lidl for 19.99.
  • children's fleece sweatshirt for girls or boys in Lidl at a price of 22.99
  • girls' jacket in Lidl for 49.99
  • children's winter set in Lidl for 17.99
  • children's pajamas in Lidl for 19.99.
  • baby jacket or baby body at Carrefour for 7.99.
  • at Tesco, reduction of FF clothing to -70%.
  • boys jacket in Biedronka for 49.99.
  • baby zipper (up to 24 months) in Real for 12.99.
  • baby suit (two-piece up to 36 months) in Real for 54.95.

Promotion time
Lidl from 27.09.2012
Carrefour from 26/09 to 01/10/2012
Auachan 26.09 - 2.10
Tesco at 27.09 at 3.10.
Bieronka from 24.09 at 30.09
Kaufland from 27.09 to 3.10.
Super-Pharm at 20.09 to 03.10.2012
Real from 27.09 to 3.10.2012