Creams for warts review

Often, the beginning of feeding, when a newborn learns how to suck, is associated with pain and discomfort. The skin becomes delicate irritated, sometimes it breaks. Fortunately, there is a way to deal with it. There are several proposals on the market specially created for young mothers. For you we have tested the most popular.

Babydream fur Mama, Brustwarzensalbe

The preparation is available only in Rossmann drugstores. protects delicate skin on the wart during feeding and cares her after attaching the baby to the breast, protecting against damage. Has properties moisturizing and regenerating, prevents sagging and loss of elasticity. contains vitamin E. and natural ingredients that are safe to use: lanolin, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, almond, peach. The preparation is free from preservatives and dyes, and does not contain any perfuming agents. The product has been dermatologically tested.


  • low price - around PLN 9 for 30 ml
  • there is no need to wash before feeding
  • high performance
  • can also be used on other parts of the body, for example lips to nourish and moisturize.


  • leaves greasy stains on clothes
  • only available at Rossmann drugstores

Bepanthen ointment

Bepanthen ointment is a preparation prepared for nipple care during breastfeeding and recommended prophylactically for use on the skin of an infant to prevent odparzeniom. Works great for treating abrasions and irritation all over the body.

The ointment contains dexpanthenol, which, entering the cells, transforms into vitamin B1. The preparation is free from preservatives, fragrances and dyes.


  • ointment effective and convenient to use
  • right consistency


  • applications after feeding
  • the need to wash off the ointment before serving the breast
  • Price: around PLN 30 for 100 grams

Lano-ointment Ziajka Mamma Mia

Ointment in 100% natural, ecological and safe to use. Contains purified lanolin. Perfect for nipple care during pregnancy and lactation, moisturizes, oils and softens the skin, soothes irritations.

The preparation should be distributed gentle, circular movements. It is not necessary to wash your nipples before serving the breast. Can be used once or several times a day, depending on your needs.


  • greases well
  • efficient
  • no need to wash before feeding
  • low price (about PLN 7 for 20 ml)
  • good accessibility


  • sticky, greasy texture
  • a smell that may disturb you