Small child

What do you let your child do? Allow independence, or obligations for the youngest

There is a moment in a child's life when a child naturally becomes eager to help. Then he climbs into a chair and wants to wash the dishes, pulls the glasses out of the dishwasher, takes the plates to put them on the table, reaches for a bottle of water to water the flowers. What does the average parent do in this situation? What I did and I - in a hurry, for fear that my daughter or son would hurt myself - I did not allow, with a smile I took the glass from my hand, saying that I would do it, I put food on the plate so that the toddler does not accidentally spill half the content platters for a white tablecloth, etc. And then I was nervous that my requests to arrange the toys were in vain. I was not aware that I grew up lazy. If you told me that dear reader at that moment, I was outraged, I would say that my child is simply too small to do what he does. Instead of allowing my first successes with my mother or dad under the watchful eye, I chose a faster and more convenient way, which every parent knows - "give, give, I'll do it". Disappointment in the eyes of the child somehow escaped me ...

Let the child help you

The child wants to feel important, needed, responsible, larger and older than he really is. He wants to see in your eyes that he can do it. Meanwhile, most often it is measured with something different words or gestures that say: "you are too small, it's not for you."

Encouraging children to take part in small activities, help at home and allowing them is not easy. We are busy, tired, so often we simply do not have time to let a given action take longer than usual or that the task was carried out inaccurately. Meanwhile, it's very important to let your child try.

Requiring from a young age for a child to perform certain tasks is not taking away childhood, as some people want to believe, is to show that life is about collaboration, to realize that where everyone gives a little commitment, it is much easier to avoid frustration.

What can a three-year-old do on his own?

  • undress, throw dirty underwear into the bin,
  • to wipe off the dust,
  • pack a kindergarten backpack under parental guidance.
  • take the shoes out of the cabinet and hide them when you come home,
  • collect your toys after playing,
  • lubricate the skin with cream (after bathing or help spreading cream with UV filters),
  • discard the roll after finished toilet paper and other small trash, cards remaining after cutting, etc.,
  • wash potatoes and other vegetables before cooking,
  • collect small fruits in the forest or on a recreational plot,
  • put cutlery and platters on the table with light (non-hot) contents (under parental control),
  • wipe your dishes dry
  • brush teeth - parents should "clean them" later

What can a four or five year old do?

The same as a three year old, plus:

  • make the bed,
  • wash (under parent's control)
  • wipe off after bathing and dress,
  • sweep small areas, for example under the table after a meal,
  • set the table, clean the table,
  • help you put clothes in the washing machine,
  • help with hanging the laundry,
  • put small items on the tape in the store,
  • pay for small purchases under the supervision of a parent,
  • help in cooking (mixing cakes, arranging toppings on a sandwich, etc.).

What can a six-year-old do?

  • wash your hair (under parent's control),
  • help you bring shopping home (lighter bags),
  • help you unpack shopping after coming home,
  • put clothes in the wardrobe,
  • help in vacuuming when dealing with a comfortable, light vacuum cleaner,
  • comb your hair
  • empty the dishwasher (using a parent),
  • help wash mirrors,
  • take care of pets - feeding, combing etc.

What can a seven-year-old and older child do?

Children at this age can be more actively involved in preparing home-cooked meals. Under the guidance of an adult, they can prepare the first simple dishes. It is also a good time to involve the child to a greater extent in caring for animals or plants at home. The child can also help the parent with small DIY, gardening or cleaning the car.