English for the youngest SuperMemo - for 3-7 year olds

Learning English is seen today as a duty. Experts encourage you to start it as soon as possible. Thanks to this, you can naturally listen to new words and expressions, feel more comfortable when you say the first sentences. And simply use the greatest absorbency of the mind in the first years of life!

The market responds to the needs and offers English courses for babies and children who have just completed the first year of life. At this stage, however, few parents decide to start school.

Programs for preschool children, i.e. 3-6 year olds, are much more popular. Such is proposed by SuperMemo, which we had the opportunity to check for you. Is the English language vocabulary for preschoolers "My words and English phrases" noteworthy? Here are our insights.

Preschoolers learn English

Preschool children are dynamic, full of energy, they do not like to stay in one place for too long, they get bored quite quickly, although they can focus their attention longer in older groups. Preparing a language learning program for them is quite a challenge. "My English Words and Phrases" meets many of the expectations of parents and of course children.

First of all, there is a nice theme - the dragon Memo, who leads the course and motivates the child to learn. He rewards his attention for good answers and entertains him in a fun way when it goes wrong. Due to the fact that after giving correct answers the dragon grows up, the child feels ready to continue learning.

Secondly - all the characters in the program are animated, and the individual boards have a light, playful character. The producer showed creativity when inventing tasks, the child is surprised, thanks to which he is more willing to learn, play.

10 boards with tasks to choose from

Thirdly - the program has been prepared so that you do not need reading skills. Toddlers who don't know letters can also solve problems. The operation is intuitive and does not require the constant presence of the parent next door.

Fourthly, the program enables various activities, the forms of task performance are constantly being changed. Thanks to this there is no boredom!

the ability to download coloring pages

The manufacturer gives the opportunity to download coloring pages and print them.

SuperMemo - what the course contains

  • 100 words and phrases presented on 10 interactive boards,
  • 300 exercises, three for each newly learned word,
  • basic phrases and simple sentences,
  • 10 educational games summarizing the words you learned,
  • dictionary containing all words (along with graphics and sound versions of words),
  • over 100 coloring pages to print - allowing you to make friends with the characters of the course.

During the course, children learn the expressions by choosing one of the boards:

  • in the forest,
  • competition,
  • my house
  • at school
  • by the lake
  • expression
  • winter
  • treasure island
  • food and drinks
  • my body

Our assessment:

Recommended! More about the program - here.