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24 month old baby - toddler turns two years old

The toddler is just entering the 24th month of life. Can't believe it Not long ago, he was born and now he is two years old? It's amazing how children grow quickly and how they change. With the beginning of this stage, the child makes further spectacular steps and develops dynamically. It is becoming more open and ready to play with peers. 24 months of a child's life is a special time to explore the world in terms of prevailing relations and relationships. However, some time is needed before the child learns the art of cooperation. For now, he is closely watching how others are having fun and likes to be next door, but without a clear readiness for the difficult art of sharing. There will be time for that.

24 month old baby and speech

Speech development is a very individual process. It can run quickly and efficiently - so that you can have a long, exhaustive conversation with a two-year-old, as well as the process of speech development may be slower. A two-year-old's speech can be very diverse.

It is believed that the norm for children of this age is to answer simple questions. The child should be able to communicate on basic issues. If not entirely through words, then gestures, facial expressions.

In addition, the child is usually able to carry out simple commands - "go and throw it", "see in the other room if there is no dad", etc. Particularly difficult at this stage can be talking to the other person with the child. A two-year-old has a tendency to disturb and "catch" the parent's attention every time he feels that "too long" mom or dad are busy with something else.

Speech development also has other consequences - whining, shouting, extortion, bouts of hysteria and many more. When the child begins to speak, many parents are affectionately recollected by the silence at home ...

Question by question

A child is interesting not only when he starts 24 months old, but almost throughout the entire period of dynamic development. At this stage, however, he tends to ask a lot of questions. The "why" spoken at every step can be tiring, but it is worth making efforts to answer them. Through it, the child learns the world, learns new words, feels noticed and taken seriously when a parent answers the questions comprehensively.

You don't have to answer every question. The child likes challenges. Therefore, ask - "and what do you think, why the cat jumped on the fence", "and what do you think the flowers need water" etc.

Willing to organize and sort

24 months old is the time to sort and organize. At this stage, children learn to arrange objects in specific categories, to combine them in pairs. They love the fun of finding all objects in a given group - for example red, all balloons, dogs, cats. However, this is not a stage of good understanding of abstract concepts such as "heavy", "soft", "today", "yesterday" - the child may have a problem with selecting objects according to such a key.

Time for a big bed?

When the 24 month old baby arrives, many parents decide to move the toddler to a large bed. A small cot with rungs goes down in history, a larger one is brought into the room. It raises a challenge and raises doubts - is it really a good idea? Is the child ready? And if he doesn't want to sleep or he will still get out of bed? What if it falls?

Some of these doubts can be ruled out, for example by folding pillows under the bed in such a way that they minimize the effects of a fall. In addition, it should be repeated and made sure that the child does not climb on the bed rails and does not jump, which can end painfully and can be dangerous.

Night wake up

A 24-month-old baby may unexpectedly start waking up at night, even though it was sleeping early in the morning. The reason does not have to be a change of bed, but for example molar eruption, nightmares, fear of darkness and even stress.

Learning to use the potty

Children are ready to use the potty at different stages of life. Some people show a desire to get rid of a diaper as early as 1.5 years, while others wear diapers long after they are two years old. From a childhood perspective it doesn't matter much.

In any case, stripping the baby requires a sense of the moment, as well as patience and peace on the part of the parents. Often getting rid of the diaper is a long and difficult process. That is why it is worth to be patient.

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