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Scarlet fever symptoms - a disease confused with angina, measles and rubella

Scarlet fever is frequent illness young children very contagious, confused with angina, and sometimes even measles and rubella. Most often children suffer from it in autumn and winter. requires giving antibiotics, because her occurrence is often associated with serious side effects! What scarlet fever symptoms do you have and when can you expect infection?

Most often, children develop scarlet fever between four and seven years old, attending kindergarten. Until now, it was thought that sclerosis could not be contracted more than once in a lifetime. However, it turns out that this is possible: the infection affects both children and adults. Unlike strep throat, scarlet fever is much more dangerous, and getting her is associated with an occurrence serious side effects. What is worth knowing about this disease?

How do we get scarlet fever?

Scarlet fever (or sclerosis) coolness and contact with an infected person promotesIt's enough to be in one room with a sick person, use the same objects, play with the same toys.

Bacteria cause the disease type A streptococcus the same ones that cause purulent angina.

A (Streptococcus pyogens)


A (Streptococcus pyogens)


Scarlet fever symptoms in children

The disease manifests itself high temperature (39-40 degrees) and severe sore throat combined with difficulty swallowing or even speaking. Sick child I feel broken, initially symptoms may indicate food poisoning.

Often, sclerosis is accompanied stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, rash. Unlike angina, scarlet fever can give much more serious symptoms, attacking connective tissue in the joints, heart, kidneys, liver and other vital organs. Due to the presence of the rash, sclerosis is sometimes confused with measles and rubella, but it is different from these two diseases above all presence of sore throat. In addition, scarlet fever rash on the face is not small, but it has the form of erythema.

That is why it is so important quick diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, this is not always easy, because sclerosis sometimes gives unusual symptoms and it becomes difficult to diagnose.

How to recognize scarlet fever? Scarlet fever symptoms

An experienced doctor has no problem diagnosing scarlet fever. After seeing the patient finds tonsillitis and so-called raspberry tongue. The throat is in a characteristic way reddened.

IN on the fourth day also appears typical of the disease rash. These are tiny red spots that are seen under the armpits, in the groin, on the sides of the chest and on the inside of the thighs. However, scarlet fever can be diagnosed after seeing the face on which a rash in the shape appears butterfly wings, with a characteristic place without changes in the area of ​​the mouth and nose.

In turn, in 2-3 weeks after infection sick notes flaky peeling of the skin on the feet and hands, which confirms the earlier diagnosis regarding the disease.