Small child

Dehumidification - some useful gadgets

For some, the study of potty takes several weeks, for others a few days. In both cases, you have to take into account that the child after giving up the diaper will have many mishaps and that he will cry "pee" in various situations. How do you survive this time so you don't go crazy?

Moistened toilet paper

Available in almost every supermarket. Both in colorful packaging specially for children and in neutral packaging also recommended for adults. The cost is a few zlotys. Advantage? You can throw it into the toilet without worries, unlike baby wipes that can clog up the toilet and that you have to throw in the trash.
Moistened toilet paper dissolves in water. A single leaf is slightly smaller than a handkerchief. It can be used by both parents and toddlers to learn cleanliness.

Portable potty

Very convenient. You can take it for a walk, hide it in the car, under the pram. Works great as a potty and toilet seat. Specially locked legs make the potty stand firmly on the ground, and a child who has just learned to control the bladder is more likely to use the potty both outside the home.
There are known cases that a toddler refuses to pee in a "hanging" position held by a parent. Without knowing her, he is simply afraid. In addition, such a position is also not very comfortable for a parent. Then such a gadget works perfectly. Special disposable cartridges can be thrown in the trash when the toddler has taken care of his needs. You can find more information here.


It may seem that de-flushing is about giving up diapers. Seemingly logical, and yet ... sometimes the diaper works in an emergency. It happens because a child calls ... a pile in the open air. If you pee do it straight, in the latter case you can have a problem. If it is far to the toilet, it is enough for the toddler to crouch over the diaper. Finally, just roll up and throw it in the garbage and after the case.

Antibacterial fluid

The gadget is useful especially at the beginning of learning how to potty, when the toddler is usually curious about the content of the potty and often trickily trying to put his hand in it.
When the whole process takes place outdoors, it is often not possible to wash your baby's hands. Then, special antibacterial gels or sprays come in handy, which can be purchased in bottles of various capacities in almost every supermarket.

Disposable toilet seat covers

If you do not decide to buy a portable toilet seat cover, it is always worth having disposable covers that protect your child against the risk lurking in almost every city toilet. A simple solution, which allows the toddler to meet physiological needs comfortably and in a sense of security. After using the cover, simply rinse (you do not even need to touch the toilet).

And do you know other interesting gadgets that are useful for unloading?