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Intimate hygiene for girls - from a baby to a few-year-old girl

Intimate hygiene of young children is a topic that raises many questions and raises a lot of ambiguities. Young mothers have a lot of doubts, they seek support from a pediatrician, but often they get conflicting information. What should girls' intimate hygiene look like? How to care for the cleanliness of sensitive and delicate areas? What if there are inflammations? This is what this article is about.

Intimate hygiene of babies - girls

There are many topics on Internet forums ways to clean up the intimate places of little girls. We are concerned about how to cultivate these areas, or clean only "what you see", or may deflect labia and remove what accumulates inside.

Girls' intimate places are exposed to dirt, feces, urine and sweat every day. Therefore, after a bath, it is worth checking on the changing table whether the girl's intimate places are clean. A swab and boiled water will come in handy. If necessary, clean intimate areas from above towards the anus.

We are also wondering whether to delete white, natural discharge. Most experts are inclined to think that you don't have to do this. It is better for infants not to use any gels, soap or other products that could disturb the natural chemical balance of the vagina and increase the risk of infection.

Infants may occur bloody discharge which are usually a natural reaction to mom's hormones. Do not worry about them. If in doubt, you can always consult a doctor.

Intimate hygiene of little girls

When a girl stops wearing diapers, usually the problem with accidental soiling of intimate places drastically decreases. Unfortunately, there are other risks arising from going to kindergarten or using the pool: often the first infections, inflammations that may result in redness of intimate places, burning, itching.

At this stage, when the girl is 3-5 years old, you can already enter intimate gels for girls (in the Biedronka offer - Intimea, AA - the first intimate hygiene liquid - from 1 year old, Baby Cap liquid for girls' hygiene) - these products gently clean and protect against irritation.

Intimate infections in little girls

For intimate infections in girls, you can use an over-the-counter ointment - Clotrimazolum, the cream applied to the places of redness will act as an antifungal. It can be used every time changes occur.

However, if you notice discharge, itching and burning, a visit to a gynecologist, preferably one specializing in the treatment of little girls, will be indicated.