What's the coolest on Aga Bagi? Contest results

Agi Bagi is a charming animated series for children 2-5 years old, which deals with ecological topics. It is kept in a very pleasant atmosphere, children love it. We also, because Agi Bagi is a 100% Polish proposal. That is why we are its patrons as editors and on this occasion we invite you to a competition in which we have 4 prizes to win.

Each gift includes an Aga Bagi booklet and an invitation to a selected Multikino for the Aga Bagi fairy tale. How to win in our competition?

Just send in writing or present your answer in the form of a drawing to answer the question:

- What's the coolest on Aga Bagi? to the address [email protected] in the title Aga Bagi.

The fact that Aga Baga is great is what we know, but we want to know what is the coolest? It's hard to choose? :) This is the competition. We are counting on you! :)

The competition runs until July 30!

Agi Bagi - a story about extraordinary heroes now in book form!

How to convince children to care for the environment? You can show them a good example - under the title Agi Bagi. This animated fairy tale for children, which has gained a group of young fans around the world - is displayed in more than 40 countries. Based on it, four books were created: "Garbage pile", "Mischievous wind", "New forest"
and "Owocek", which have been available in bookstores since June 17..

Agi Bagi is a small planet. Aging live on one side of her, and Baginges on the other. Everything that happens on Aga has an impact on what happens on Bagi and vice versa. If the waste from Aga is thrown into a large hole, as in the booklet 'Pile of refuse', they will fly to the other side of the planet and litter Bagi. On the other hand, if Bagingi take care of the roots of the blueberry, then the Aging will have delicious fruit ("Fruit"). In the "New Forest", Aging and Baginga show children how important it is to take care of trees, and "Mischievous wind" repairs a broken root and turns the windmill until electricity is created.

The Agi Bagi series in a unique way conveys knowledge about nature to children. Ecological sensitivity and awakening of children's curiosity are the most important educational tasks guiding its creators. The adventures of Aging and Bagingów, Gadzina, Chief and Strongman show how to care for nature and how important cooperation and living in harmony are.

The Agi Bagi series is a phenomenon of Polish animation. He achieved global success thanks to the combination of excellent technology and extremely current subjects. He won not only funding from the Polish Film Institute, but also the "Golden Tobołek Matołek Goat" award at the Polish Festival of Polish Animation O! PLA2015 in the Now Preschoolers Have a Voice category.

You can also play with Aging and Baging thanks to the "Agi Bagi fun for kids" application on tablets and smartphones with Android and iOS systems.

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